My Secret Weapon For Pale Complexions

MAC Face & Body


If you were anything like me when growing up; pale as a ghost, being asked numerous times if you are feeling sick – then you’ll know the struggle of finding a foundation that matches our white porcelain complexions.


When I first tried searching for a foundation I quickly realised I had a narrow selection to choose from regardless of brand or type. So many popular brands were not even an option for me. I think all Makeup Artists would agree that a correct colour match takes priority over coverage, type and durableness. I refused to walk around with the so-called peach line or orange face. Of course the only foundation range that had my colour at the age of 15 was high end. Thankfully I had a mum that loved makeup and who was willing to purchase an Elizabeth Arden foundation for her daughter’s everyday use (yessssss love you Mum!).


However there comes a time when us pale ones want to be able to use the latest new foundation. Or we have a particular foundation we love that still isn’t quite the right match despite it being the lightest colour in the range! Well ladies, let me introduce you to my secret weapon. M.A.C. Face & Body White, which literally is white foundation. A couple of drops of this baby and you are able to lighten your foundation colour without interfering too much with the texture and benefits of your original foundation.


My foundation routine for the past few years has been the legendary Estee Lauder Double Wear in the colour Ivory Nude 1N1. During the winter months when I don’t have a fake tan (cause let’s face it I don’t tan naturally) this colour is slightly too dark. A couple of drops of M.A.C. Face & Body added to my Double Wear as shown below is perfect in bringing it down 1/2 a shade.


MAC Face&Body, Estee Lauder Double Wear


There are a few select foundations that do cater to us Porcelain Beauties so let me know if you would like me to do a blog on some of my favourite pale foundations. In the meantime I hope this technique might help some of you who are already on the lightest foundation shade in a range. I definitely feel your pain!


Much Love




  • Elodie October 9, 2016   Reply →

    Hi Janet, I have used a couple of other white adjusters – Body Shop shade adjusting drops, NYX pro foundation mixer and Illamasqua’s white skin base foundation – but not the MAC, need to add that to my collection.
    I am naturally a few shades lighter than the 1N1 by Estee and I find that the paler shades in most brand ranges tend towards pink based which look awful on my neutral/yellow tone skin.
    I’d really appreciate a blog post on super pale foundation (but not all pink toned please.)
    Thank you Xx

  • Nichola Brooke October 9, 2016   Reply →

    Love all your info! Great tips and yes please blog on with the pale skin foundation

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