My Secret Weapon For Pale Complexions

MAC Face & Body


If you were anything like me when growing up; pale as a ghost, being asked numerous times if you are feeling sick – then you’ll know the struggle of finding a foundation that matches our white porcelain complexions.


When I first tried searching for a foundation I quickly realised I had a narrow selection to choose from regardless of brand or type. So many popular brands were not even an option for me. I think all Makeup Artists would agree that a correct colour match takes priority over coverage, type and durableness. I refused to walk around with the so-called peach line or orange face. Of course the only foundation range that had my colour at the age of 15 was high end. Thankfully I had a mum that loved makeup and who was willing to purchase an Elizabeth Arden foundation for her daughter’s everyday use (yessssss love you Mum!).


However there comes a time when us pale ones want to be able to use the latest new foundation. Or we have a particular foundation we love that still isn’t quite the right match despite it being the lightest colour in the range! Well ladies, let me introduce you to my secret weapon. M.A.C. Face & Body White, which literally is white foundation. A couple of drops of this baby and you are able to lighten your foundation colour without interfering too much with the texture and benefits of your original foundation.


My foundation routine for the past few years has been the legendary Estee Lauder Double Wear in the colour Ivory Nude 1N1. During the winter months when I don’t have a fake tan (cause let’s face it I don’t tan naturally) this colour is slightly too dark. A couple of drops of M.A.C. Face & Body added to my Double Wear as shown below is perfect in bringing it down 1/2 a shade.


MAC Face&Body, Estee Lauder Double Wear


There are a few select foundations that do cater to us Porcelain Beauties so let me know if you would like me to do a blog on some of my favourite pale foundations. In the meantime I hope this technique might help some of you who are already on the lightest foundation shade in a range. I definitely feel your pain!


Much Love



Are You A Makeup Geek?

If you don’t follow the YouTube world of makeup gurus then you may not have heard of the brand “Makeup Geek”. Just to do a quick recap if you are new: In 2008 before the hype of YouTube careers and before I became a Makeup Artist I came across Marlena Stell’s YouTube channel called ‘Makeup Geek’. Her videos were straight to the point, educational and contained looks anyone could create. With her professional manner and love for M.A.C eyeshadows I instantly became a fan, or shall I say – a “Makeup Geek”.

Over the years Marlena’s channel grew and she eventually developed her own makeup products in 2011 under the “Makeup Geek” brand. Makeup Geek’s first product launch was their eyeshadows and dang they are good! With a huge variety of gorgeous chocolate brown shades, beautiful mattes, high pigmentation (that you don’t have to swirl your brush around a million times to get enough product on it) and all for a fraction less of the price, what’s not to love!

I recently restocked some of my favourite shades via the online shop at and at the same time I purchased the Makeup Geek Travel Vault Palette. I absolutely love the density of this palette knowing that it will last and protect my eyeshadows with all the travelling I do. The only criticism I have is I wish they made it in a pro palette size to fit all shadows in one palette! I’m keeping fingers crossed that this size is in the pipeline to be launched in the near future.

Here are photos of my Makeup Geek eyeshadow colours in pan format as well as swatches. I decided to do both because I find the colour in pan format can appear so different once swatched on your skin. Hopefully this helps when choosing colours to add to your shopping chart 😛


MakeupGeek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek Swatches


The first palette that I’ve put together is what I’d call your ‘necessities’. These colours are extremely popular, even if you add a pop of colour from another palette you’ll always be using one if not a couple of these shades to help transition and blend your masterpiece.

Vanilla Bean (Matte)
I love using this colour for my brow bone as it matches my skin tone reasonably well. I’m a MAC NW10-20.

Repunzel (Slight Shimmer)
Great if you want that ivory skin tone with a hint of gold, or shall I say warm shimmer, on your brow bone or lid. It could even be worn as a soft highlighter for fair to medium skin tones.

Mirage (Matte)
Ivory with yellow undertones; great for the brow bone if you have a yellow-based skin tone or find Vanilla Bean too fair.

Beaches & Cream (Matte)
A light apricot pinky tone that is great to use as a transition colour, especially during the summer months.

Peach Smoothie (Matte)
A light peach transition colour made famous thanks to YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. Without a doubt she uses this in almost every single makeup look she creates.

Crème Brulee (Matte)
Warm caramel colour.

Frappe (Matte)
Similar to Crème Brulee but has a slightly burnt orange/red tone to it.

Latte (Matte)
The perfect light brown that is not too warm or too cool; my absolute favourite go-to medium colour as it’s so versatile.

CocoaBear (Matte)
I may be wrong but I’ve heard that this eyeshadow is named after Marlena’s now husband who she nicknames cocoabear. If so, I think it is super cute and no surprise that it’s her favourite shade. A beautiful cocoa shade that has very warm earthy tones to it; a staple for everyone’s eyeshadow palette.


MakeupGeek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek Swatches


My absolute favourite palette at the moment consists of all those yummy mauve, berry, plum and burgundy colours which I can’t get enough of this winter.

Shimma Shimma (Extremely shimmering hence the name)
Beautiful pearl shimmer tone that is perfect for adding that extra pop on the inner corners of the eye.

Sorbet (Matte)
Pastel melon pink.

Cupcake (Matte)
An earthy tone rose pink.

Confection (Matte)
I absolutely love using this blush pastel lilac shade as a transition colour followed by Petal Pusher and Vintage.

Petal Pusher (Matte)
A gorgeous blush rose pink.

Unexpected (Matte)
Similar to Petal Pusher but with more of a cool mauve tone rather than pink.

Vintage (Matte)
A dark cool grape tone shade.

Cherry Cola (Matte)
Burgundy plum shade that I absolute love to create a smokey eye look with.

Bitten (Slight Shimmer)
These red burgundy colours will always remind me of the Twilight Saga when the burgundy smokey eye look and green vampire eyes were a match made in heaven! The perfect colour if you want green eyes to pop.


MakeupGeek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek Swatches


White Lies (Matte)
White as snow!

High Tea (Matte)
A perfect kaki green colour.

Brownie Points (Matte)
A cool tone brown with a slight taupe/mauve tone.

HomeComing (Shimmer)
This gorgeous silver brown taupe colour that adds an amazing pop on the lid to a cool brown tone smokey eye. Pair it with a dark purple or lilac lippy and wow… just wow!

Mocha (Matte)
This colour along with Latte were one of my first purchases and are still my favourite go to. I had been searching everywhere for that perfect chocolate colour that wasn’t too warm or charcoal-looking once you’ve applied it. This is just perfect! Seriously, if you hold up a block of chocolate next to it you couldn’t get a better match.

Wild West (Matte)
This one photographed so differently on par compared to the swatch but I’d describe it as M.A.C’s whirl lip line, a dusty rose brown.

Roulette (Shimmer)
This stunning pinky copper tone would look amazing in the warmer months, bring on summer!

Americano (Matte)
Similar to the shade Vintage with cool tone grape undertones; however Americano does have more of a brown finish.

Corrupt (Matte)
You know when you use a black eyeshadow and it turns out grey or a blue charcoal colour once on the eyelid? Well not with this baby! Seriously, I have never come across an eyeshadow that is soo pitch black and stays true to its colour. Love using this to slightly darken up the edges of the eyelid or as a smoked-out winged liner.


Marlena’s goal has always been to provide top quality products that are cruelty free and at an affordable price by selling directly to her followers. She has done so well to accomplish just that, an inspiring female entrepreneur that I absolutely adore!

Comment below and let me know what your favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadows are or if you plan to become a first time Makeup Geek ☺


Much love to you all.

Janet xoxo